Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pigeon - New Style of cooking

Life gets happier with pigeon. A new style of cooking.  This core brand is providing  the top quality products at unbeatable prices, through innovative offerings to help its consumers to achieve a better quality life everyday With Pigeon’s range of ultra modern home and kitchen appliances, that happiness is doubly increased . Leader in a wide variety of cookware, it is responsible for changing the Indian cooking life styles and adapting the innovative safety measures in its products and services as customer friendly. Its every act is an effort to delight its customers. A companion for life.  Pigeon has mastered the art of delivering the right features-price ratio, thus making a strong foothold in the minds of the consumers all over India and abroad. Today a fast expanding product portfolio of Pigeon includes LPG stoves, Water Purifiers, Chimneys, Scarlet mixer grinders, Microwave ovens, Irons , stainless steel Vacuum  Flasks and varieties of pressure cookers, Electric rice Cookers,  Electronic Pressure  Cookers, Induction Cookers,  Sandwich Toasters, Water heaters, Cooking  range and many more. A live catalog can be looked for choice of selections on the internet. Pigeon covers all aspects of ideal kitchen making.
Recent Market studies reveal that every second a Pigeon product is sold across the world; a testament to the strength of the brand in the domestic as well as the international market. Today Pigeon is not only the Brand, but it is the Personality that identifies the product, service or the company. Pigeon also own the most unique exclusive non-stick cookware making facility in the country.
Pigeon is pioneer in modern kitchen concepts in India. It has created a landmark in Appliances world. It’s Brand Trust has increased the exports of the country. An additional feather in the cap  is the Gilma, expanding role of new branding approaches for Modular Kitchen solutions with the widest range of options in designs, choices of materials, accessories and hardware.
Now, Pigeon is not just a brand, but a super-brand and an identity of every kitchen. A well equipped kitchen with Pigeon appliances is a pointer to your style and efficiency as a home maker.

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